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Top Prototyping Companies in Guangdong Province

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

How much does it cost to prototype electronics products in China? You can make consumer and industrial OEM or ODM electronics products even if you have zero experience.

The Guangdong province is in the South of China. The area is rich with population and near Hong Kong and Macau. The area's population is very industrious, hardworking, and business oriented.

The prototyping companies in Guangdong can turn out electronics products quickly. An electronics products typically consists of both hardware, software and design elements. The hardware elements include circuits, IC components, mechanical structures. In Guangdong province, the industrial design, software design, circuit design, mechanical CAD design, mold making and machining, and assembly are typically done within very close vicinity. Making is very efficient to conduct electronics prototyping. A comparable job in other parts of the world would take much longer and cost much more.

The area is also filled with supply chain companies providing raw materials, design talents, marketing companies, etc. The only comparable region with such great concentration of raw design, manufacturing and material processing capabilities would be the Silicon Valley area of the United States, London, or Germany. However, Chinese are typically willing to make things at much faster rate. Most factories are run 24/7 without break.

In Guangdong province, it is common for a store to close doors at 2 am in the morning. The store owner is willing to put in some extra work to "stay ahead of competition".

If you are interested to explore fast prototyping, you can consider the following companies:

  1. Foshan 融芯智感 SensicFusion Company, located near Guangzhou City (

  2. Shenzhen Jukangyuan (

  3. 赛亿 (

  4. 金贝莱(

These companies can finish the complete cycle of electronics prototyping, even UI design, small volume production, software design, and APP development. The typical time frame for finishing a vertical project is on the order of 1 month for a cost of approximately $100,000.

You can contact Seven Parallel Consulting to help you with the management of projects to avoid pitfalls and save time.

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