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Should I try to startup?

Many people don't care about doing a startup. For the limited people who is interested, most don't ask this question seriously. For the people who ask this seriously or casually, many don't get straight answers.

You may get encouragements, "Yeah! wonderful!". You may get straight shut outs, "Oh that's crazy". You may try to find books or people to talk about it, but no one will and can give you a serious answer.

Entrepreneurship means "take risks". So instead of asking "Should I startup", one should be given a list of risks. Startup is the world's greatest learning experience and personal drive. One is SURE to succeed, AS LONG AS YOU TRY ENOUGH TIMES AND YOU HAVE MONEY TO SUPPORT. However, because each person has limited time and limited resources (money), not everyone can succeed.


The serious questions you should ask yourself are the following:

(1) What is the alternative to a startup?

(2) What kind of startups are there?

(3) What are the hypes and rumors about "startup glory?"

If you watch the 13 min video above, I explain the answers there. I am a serial entrepreneur with five company startup experiences. I have read ALL the books and all the cases, successful and bad ones. I want to stop people to startup ON A WHIM, ironically, that is how I did. But I wanted someone to have stopped me when I dived off the cliff. Although I have gained very positive experience and result, I still approach Startup with a mixed feeling - it is great, but it is not for everyone. The reality is,

(1) you won't know that it is not for you until you have tried and failed;

(2) you won't have learned anything until you have tasted ALL the failures and traps there is, unearthing ALL the buried skeletons.

(3) the further truth is that there is no TRY in startup. A startup is guaranteed to fail if you want to try or experience it. It is like trying to date at age 25. If you want to try to see if some dates would work, it most likely won't.

Startup is a treacherous road with a result that is super rewarding. Fair warning, the journey is full of failures. You only learn through failures. I was a college professor in technology, but I have never experienced serious mistakes or miscalculations until I startup. Startup is nothing but mistakes and errors. Full of death traps and obstacles. No one will teach you, no one will help. As people say "Business is war". You don't have friends in business. The TRUTH is your only friend and north star.

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