• Dr Chang Liu|万里千人

How to Design a Great Startup Idea

Seven Parallel Consulting, Published March 6, 2020

Many people want to startup business. What is the key to coming up with a working idea? what is the process of eliminating bad ones?

A new trilogy on Youtube discusses these important, almost "taboo" topics. The three video segments include:

(1) The six essential elements of a business plan;

(2) Three classic rookie entrepreneur mistakes or thought traps;

(3) The four steps to follow to design a great startup business idea.

These three videos will teach a startup entrepreneur how to focus their thinking power, avoid mental traps and fantasies, and come up winning business startup ideas that have a chance to develop into a viable entity and a larger enterprise.

Dr. Chang Liu is an entrepreneur, technologist, author, and professor. He founded Seven Parallel Consulting to help startup companies.

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