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Foundations of MEMS teaching materials

Teaching materials related to the Foundations of MEMS teaching can be found and downloaded from here.

Cover of Foundations of MEMS, second edition
Foundations of MEMS book cover

Foundations of MEMS Table of Contents

Graphic history of MEMS

Course PPTs

Introduction to Integrated Circuits Fab and Integration

Lecture 1: Frame work of microelectronics

Lecture 2: Introduction

Lecture 3: Lithography

Lecture 4: Lithography and Metalization

Lecture 5: Oxidation

Lecture 6: Metal deposition

Lecture 7: Etching

Lecture 8: Doping and Ion Implantation

Lecture 9: Interconencts

Lecture 10: Process magic of MEMS (alternative low yield processes)

Lecture 11: Accelerometers

Lecture 12: Microfluidics

Lecture 13: Surface micromachining

Lecture 14: Bulk micro machining

Lecture 15: Electrostatic MEMS

Lecture 16: Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM)

Lecture 17: BiCMOS Circuit Integration

Lecture 18: Pressure sensors and acoustic sensors fundamentals

Homework solutions

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